The Language of Our Church Community

By on 30/10/2017




  1. What are some words someone has said to you that have changed the course and direction of your life?


SCRIPTURE STUDY: 1 Corinthians 6:19



  1. Christians declare by their words their commitment and the surrender of their life to God. Study Matthew 16:13-19. If you were asked, “Who do you say Jesus is” what words would you use that would show that Jesus is the centre of your life?


  1. Is a person going to have an experience of God by how you speak to them today? Discuss.


  1. Who are the people you have in your life who will push you to speak language that declares your surrender, trust, priorities, protection, pleasure, power, calling and faith in God? If you don’t have someone, what action do you need to take and who are you going to ask to have this role in your life?


  1. Our Language declares our trust in God. In what ways are you trusting God with how you use your finances and share this with others so that they are inspired to give their life more to Christ?


  1. When have you felt faith spoken into the atmosphere and therefore expected to experience the miracle of God in your life? How will you ask God to help you to change your language as part of our Church community?


  1. What is your Scripture?