Our Atmosphere Our Culture

By on 16/11/2016




1. Have you ever had to deal with someone in your workplace or family that was antagonistic toward you, either because of your personality, or because of your faith? What were some of the things they would do? How did you respond?


SCRIPTURE STUDY: Daniel 1:1-21



1. Daniel resolves to stay true to God in the midst of intense pressure to conform to the culture around him. In what areas are you tempted to conform to the world?


2. Reflect and share about aspects of your personal culture or atmosphere? In the message, Bruce asked, ‘Is the culture of your life what you wanted it to be?’


3. Things in our life can hold us back and imprison us to living a particular atmosphere that becomes our culture. Is there an area of your life that has imprisoned you? (age, gender, circumstances, attitudes) What is the lens through which you view your life?


4. As Christians, we are called to make a new start. What areas of your life need to be changed in order to change your atmosphere and culture?

  • Do you have a disciplined prayer life, exercise life, eating, Bible reading, work, family, finances, etc?
  • Do you have areas of your life you want to be different and what changes can you make today?


5. As a Church family we have a culture or atmosphere. What daily habits do your need to work on to become more like Daniel – able to BE the culture?


6. Looking back at your notes from this week’s Message, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?