The Miracle in the Struggle

By on 12/02/2018




  1. We expect Miracles or ‘signs and wonders’ to happen and we claim miracles in the lives of people we pray for every day. Share a miracle story from your life or someone close to you.

SCRIPTURE STUDY: Ephesians 6:10-20


  1. Bruce described people who are called to be evangelists or proclaimers as, “people gifted with supernatural words, supernatural presence and a life accompanied by signs and wonders.” Discuss your response to this.


  1. Where are you struggling right now? How is the battle going right now in your life? What steps are you taking to stand firm against his attacks against you, your family, and your church?


  1. What is difficult about standing our ground in today’s culture? In what ways have you been challenged to be a proclaimer in your world? (work, family, marriage, school, friends, community)


  1. It is easy to become passive and not deal with the spiritual battle and become ineffective. What are ways that we can intentionally avoid becoming passive with regards to the proclaiming the gospel?


  1. Why would Paul request prayer for boldness? Why is boldness necessary in war? What is the opposite of boldness and what effect might that have?


In Ephesians 6:18, prayer is where the battle is primarily fought. Take time to intentionally pray for one another that the gospel would advance in your life, your marriage, your home, your small group, and your church for God’s glory.