The Presence of God

By on 06/11/2017




  1. Discuss your current spiritual reading with your Impact Group?


SCRIPTURE STUDY: Matthew 18:20




  1. We need community to experience the presence of God. How could my small group help me “persevere with God?”


  1. Are you committed to community where you meet peoples real needs each week? How can we meet real needs of the people in our church community?


  1. ‘Without community, there is no body of Christ.” How can I find my position in the body of Christ in this church community?


  1. How can we call each other into deeper worship and who are you calling on in our church community?


  1. What kind of church community and experience of the presence of God do you have that you would lay down your life and die for the person next to you? How can we lay my/our lives down for each other or those people that you think of in our Church community?