True Discipleship

By on 14/08/2017




  1. Share one thing about yourself with your Impact Group that no one in the group knows about you.

SCRIPTURE STUDY: Matthew 28:19-20



  1. Where do you sit on this scale?


DISCIPLE———————————————————————————–DISCIPLE MAKER


  1. If other people don’t want to be like you then you are not a disciple-maker!” What is your response to this statement and do you have the confidence to put your life forward as an example to others?


  1. What are some excuses that we make for not making disciples? What do these excuses reveal about us? What do they reveal about our view of discipleship?


  1. When people look at you, is there transparency? Can they see Jesus through the way you live and share your life?


  1. Using your own spiritual/scripture reading during the last week, share with your group your reflections from using these questions:

What do I see?
What do I think it means?
What will I do about it? pray about it?