We all play our part but His grace runs deep

By on 04/06/2018




  1. What is the greatest sacrifice you remember a friend making for you?

SCRIPTURE STUDY: Jeremiah 29:12-13


  1. How can we as individuals MAKE followers of Jesus?
  2. Conversion means making new all the time. Share the ways you do that continuously?
  3. God uses different things to reach us e.g. books, people , intellect, nature, falling in love. What and who has He used to reach you?


  1. God can reach anyone He wants us to but He wants us to be part of it. Describe a time when you may have been the vehicle God used or is using?


  1. Are you seeking God with all your heart at this stage of your story? If not, what steps will you take this week to draw closer to God? Consider making verses 12-13 a prayer to lift up to God each day this week!