Who Are We

By on 29/09/2016

The Catholic Guy Ministry seeks to make the message of Jesus real, practical and understandable in your life, your local Church, the community and our world. This is the driving force behind everything that we do.


To PROCLAIM the Gospel around the world by
leading people to ENCOUNTER Jesus Christ
and personally CONNECT with His Church.


This is how we will change people’s lives and take the message of the Church, which many people are struggling to connect with, and make it personal to those who hear it.


Your Life


No matter how old you are, what you have done or what has been done to you, God has a plan for your future. God created you to continually grow. You are on a journey and there is always a next step. Finding out what is next for you might involve serving, finding God’s vision for your life, giving or joining us online or live in different venues as often as you can.


You are not alone in this. The Catholic Guy Ministry is not a person or a location but a family spread across many places, perhaps online or where you live.


We are small even though we are large because you can connect through a small group to join you on your journey.


Your family


Family, in all of its different shapes and forms, is the foundational block of our society. Whether we define family as biological or friends or mum and dad or just mum or dad, family is part of all of our lives.


Helping families to be strong and to know God’s place in them will change our world. That is why a lot of our time is spent partnering and helping families and friends grow together.


The Church


Many people have either dropped out of Church, attend irregularly or attend but don’t feel connected.  The number of people who attend and feel alive in their relationship with God is dwindling.


Whether in a beautiful building, a hut or a hall, Church is the people of God gathered there. No matter where you are, The Catholic Guy Ministry seeks to enrich your experience of Church wherever you go to Church.


Our Community and world


Our world is deeply in need. It has always been this way. The Catholic Guy Ministry seeks to be the hands, feet and words of Jesus that embraces and serves the poor, the weak, the hidden and the hurting. This is done through the people who make up the Church family of The Catholic Guy Ministry wherever they are.


We seek to engage in relationships whether online or in person that serves people in such a manner that we can experience the person of Jesus when we come together wherever we are.

Our Leadership


Our Leadership Team works together to guide our Central Services that in turn serves our world through the media and sites.

Bruce Downes

The Catholic Guy


As the founder of The Catholic Guy Ministry, Bruce provides leadership and vision. As a teenage boy he felt that God has put on his heart a calling to proclaim the Gospel in ways that takes the same message of the Church and communicate it in fresh ways and to raise up as many other people as possible to do this.


He speaks frequently at conferences, travels extensively for ministry and delivers Messages that are seen around the world. He and his wife have five children and six grandchildren.

Rosemary Downes

Pastoral Care Leader


Rosemary has a heart for people and leads the Pastoral Care Ministry of The Catholic Guy Ministry. In addition to this Impact Groups also come under her guidance. Impact Groups are small groups of people that meet regularly to share life together and discuss the weekly Message whether they hear it live, online, at an Impact Site in a hall or in a Church.


Rosemary leads The Catholic Guy Heart Women’s ministry as well as Catholic Guy Care that serves people in need. Rosemary feels passionately about praying for people and oversees the the Prayer ministry with requests that coming from all around the world.

Melissa Gee

Administration & Events Leader


Melissa makes sure the Ministry runs efficiently by overseeing administration, procedures and operations. Sounds important? It is as it keeps the whole operation running.


This area includes managing finances, overseeing human resources, planning our Outreach Church Services and their smooth running and also the planning and organisation of events.

Sandra Purcell

Sites and Development Leader


Sandra sets up, oversees the Sites where The Catholic Guy is shown in Churches, hall and and homes around the world. A large part of this involves Training and Development of leaders and teams in understanding the vision and purpose of the ministry, carrying the heart of the ministry and connecting to the broader Catholic Guy Ministry as well as to the Church.


Additionally, Sandra looks after Parish/Mission events in terms of choosing the parishes where these are held, preparation and training of the local team before and after the events.


Sandra also leads the Impact Kids Ministry in all sites both casting vision, raising up leaders and aiding with the implementation of the programs.

Scott Gee

Innovation Leader


Scott leads all things technical and gets our message out beyond our walls. Databases, websites, online presence in all its various forms, media come under Scott’s guidance. Training and process is the key to this area.


Equipment for sites for their operation and set up of Services are under Scott’s leadership. This ensures that in every place there is a quality presentation to help every site.


As part of this area, Scott leads the marketing of The Catholic Guy Ministry ensuring that people in all places hear the message of the Gospel.